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Comprehensive Wealth Management

We understand that many firms offer investment management services. Yet few successfully integrate these services into a comprehensive wealth management offering for high net worth families and business owners.

  • Disciplined Strategy:We believe the markets are efficient in pricing and take a long-term approach to creating our portfolios.
  • Risk Analysis:Creating an appropriate portfolio on an individualized basis that match our clients' risk tolerance and by selecting investments that offer a balanced risk/reward ratio.
  • Global Diversification:Our portfolios are broadly diversified and seek to gain exposure to the total world market of equities and bonds.
  • Tax Efficiency:We utilize loss harvesting and tax-managed investments to decrease tax implications and increase total returns.
  • Minimizing Cost:Managing fees through systematic trading and using funds that offer lower expense ratios allows the client to realize better returns.

Risk & Return

These portfolios illustrate the performance of different global stock/bond mixes and highlight the benefits of diversification. Mixes with larger allocations to stocks are considered riskier but have higher expected returns over time.

Fees Matter

We are conscious of the expenses associated with portfolios. We monitor each portfolio with the intention to rebalance only when certain parameters are met.

Over long time periods, high management fees and related expenses can be a significant drag on wealth creation.

Passive investments generally maintain lower fees than the average actively managed investment by minimizing trading costs and eliminating the costs of researching stocks.

Our Comprehensive Approach

Our unique planning and wealth management

Identify Objectives

We focus on each client’s needs on an individualized basis to determine objectives and goals. Building a map for future goals creates a strong foundation to execute and maintain objectives in the most efficient manner.

Identify Risk Tolerance

We identify the risk tolerance of each client through a proprietary survey/questionnaire that allows us to effectively match our investment models to each client. Our models are fully adaptable to any risk tolerance while meeting the strict standards of our investment philosophy. Our models fully utilize the vast diversification of the world’s financial securities.

Design and Implement

Our design and implementation process incorporates the knowledge and experience of the seasoned investment committee members. Our rigorous investment research goes into each design aspect of our models. Our process is dedicated to providing value for clients, and we only use the most efficient channels of implementing investment models and plans.

Monitor and Modify

Dedication to the goals and objectives of our clients is our highest priority. We monitor each portfolio daily to ensure each plan and strategy are on track. If modifications are needed, we will implement changes in the most efficient and timely manner.

As financial markets move we monitor our models to ensure each asset class is in its defined range and will adjust accordingly.

Knox CFO: Stay on Top of Everything

Knox CFO is your wealth portal and is updated regularly allowing you to compare your wealth to your financial plan. See all your bank accounts, credit cards, loans, and insurance all in one place.

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